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About us

       幫安迪是一家專注于工業互聯網 + 安全生產、智慧應急指揮系統、安全生產風險監測預警系統、智能化工廠建設、智慧礦山、大數據智能分析及應用的專業解決方案公司。


       公司具有電子與智能化工程專業承包資質、機電安裝工程專業承包資質、 防爆電器設備安裝與維修資質、CMMI5、ISO9000 質量體系認證、GB/T28001 職業健康安全管理體系認證、GB/T24001 環境管理體系認證、 ISO27001 信息安全管理體系認證、ISO20000 信息技術服務管理體系認證、ITSS 信息運行維護資質等較為完善的資質。


       公司有 200 多項專利和軟件著作權,“危險化學品安全生產風險監測預警系統”、 “安全生產大數據應用系統”已在國家應急管理部及多省市應急管理部門投入使用, “高風險特殊作業移動監測監控系統”在中石化、中石油、國家能源集團、中煤集團等廣泛應用。公司在?;沸袠I和石油石化市場及各地應急管理部門具有較高聲譽,各項技術成果及應用在?;沸袠I均處于領先地位。

Beijing Bangandi Information Technology Co., Ltd., established in October 2001, is a new three-board listed company for specialized technical services. It is engaged in the fields of platform construction and integration for information system, consulting planning, solution design and implementation, design and development for application software; integration and operation services for automation system; R&D, manufacturing and system application for industrial explosion-proof intelligent mobile terminal devices etc.

The company is both of national and Zhongguancun high-tech enterprises. It possesses the professional general contracting qualification of the electronic and intelligent engineering, the computer information system integration and the electromechanical installation engineering etc. and perfect system authentication, such as ISO9000 quality system, GB/T28001 occupational health and safety management system, B/T24001 environmental management system and SHE safety system etc.

The company is headquartered in Zhongguancun Jinqiao Science and Technology Industrial Park, Yizhuang, Beijing, with standardized independent office building, can meet needs of office, software development, system integration, testing, configuration, and training etc. It has offices set up in Nanjing, Luoyang, Zhengzhou, Tianjin, Huainan, Jingmen and Inner Mongolia. And JV companies with the National Hazardous Chemicals Registration Center (Sinopec Qingdao Safety Engineering Research Institute), the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Safety Science Research Institute and the Hebei Provincial Emergency Management Department in Qingdao, Urumqi and Shijiazhuang.

The company has number of invention patents and software copyrights, and professional mature solutions of industrial automation, informatization, digitization and intellectualization. It owns numerous experts in the fields of industrial informatization, automatization as well as the safety production of dangerous chemicals and emergency management and has extensive business cooperation with government management agencies at all levels and many central enterprises such as Sinopec Group, China Petroleum Group, and China Energy Group. China Coal Group etc. Many achievements, such as several information platforms for "Emergency Command System", "Risk Prevention and Control Early Warning System for Hazardous Chemicals", " Integrated production Safety Management System" and " Mobile Monitoring System for High-risk & Special operation " independently researched and developed with highly integrated hardware and operational software, are widely used in wisdom parks and smart plants for the information system construction. The company has completed more than 500 projects for industrial information and automation system construction as well as general contract projects.

The company has achieved fruitful results, accumulated a wealth of experience and enjoyed a high reputation in aspect of information system construction for hazardous chemicals safety production and emergency management. It is a professional company and bellwether for the information system platform construction of hazardous chemicals safety production and emergency management. 


Development history

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Organizational structure

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